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AlexandriaTM is a style created with the traditionalist in mind. It has several practical features such as multiple pockets. It features a Zip front with button over flap to give it easy access. It also has an action back to give you greater comfort whilst working on a patient.

Dental Wear™ uses only the best fabrics we can source globally, created specifically for the Health Profession. We believe we have set the standard for the uniform of the future.

Our garments have been designed with the Modern Dental Practice in mind. We have Functionality foremost as a priority in all of the garments we construct.

Our base fabric starts as a lightweight Polyester/Cotton blend giving you a similar feel to the tunics you currently wear, giving you an instant familiarity. However, it is the extensive use of technology within the fibers of the fabric that sets us apart from the crowd.

Custom Colours

Dental Wear is offering customers the opportunity to custom make their garments with an extended range of piping colours.

Production of custom orders will be on the 1st of each month, so orders will have to be in prior to this date. Orders after this date will be moved into the 1st of the following month.

Call us on 1300 932 747 to place an order