Dental Technology

Fabric Technology

Dental WearTM uses only the best fabrics we can source globally, created specifically for the Health Profession. We believe we have set the standard for the dental uniform of the future.
Our garments have been designed with the Modern Dental in mind. We have Functionality foremost as a priority in all of the garments we construct.

Our base fabric starts as a lightweight Polyester/Cotton blend giving you a similar feel to the tunics you currently wear, giving you an instant familiarity. However, it is the extensive use of technology within the fibres of the fabric that sets us apart from the crowd.

Dental Wear DurapelTM

This is a revolution in garment technology. It allows us to offer a safety measure never seen before in any dental uniform on the market. Dental Wear DurapelTM gives our garments the ability to repel the everyday problems of being in close proximity to patients within your surgery. It repels blood, saliva, coaltar and most other liquids used on a day to day basis in a clinic. It also repels dirt and oil based products allowing you to keep that clean fresh look without the constant need for cleaning, which will ultimately save you money. When a spillage occurs the liquid will simply bead and roll of the garment. A simple wipe will remove any excess liquid. Enjoy the convenience of removing dirt and stains easily with a simple machine wash.

So say good-bye to those nasty stains and dirty dispensing jackets.

*Please Note Dental Wear DurapelTM is a Stain repellant garment and not Stain Proof, please avoid things such as Ink, Paint, Grease etc… Look after your garment and your garment will look after you.

Dental Wear Anti-BacteriaTM

This is also a revolution for the dental industry. When a dentists primary focus is on patient care, you can help aid this process simply by using our tunics and its unique antibacterial nano technology. Our Tunics can aid in cross infection by stopping any blood and saliva born diseases such as Golden Staff (MRSA), Streptococci, and Hepatitis even Avian Influenza.

Our Tunics also have a process, which eliminates odours, keeping you fresh throughout the day. This is a world first in dental Tunics.

At Dental WearTM we have raised the bar in Dental Uniforms. Ask yourself does the uniform you currently wear offer this level of protection against cross infection? Or personal hygiene?

Dental Wear MaterialTM

Highest quality Polyester Cotton fabric. Made to Dental Wear’sTM unique specification. The Dental Wear FabricTM has many complex applications added to it at the time of production. Which gives us the ability to create such a unique garment. As for cleaning the garments, you can enjoy the convenience of removing dirt and stains easily with a regular machine wash. For stubborn stains we recommend a soak in Napisan.

The superior durability of the Dental Wear MaterialTM to repeated home launderings will make the functionality last the lifetime of your garment.

Dental Wear Stretch

We have also incorporated a mechanical stretch into all of our garments to make them more comfortable for everyday use. The stretch finish we implement into all our garments gives you the comfort factor in everyday practical situations. All of our garments have been designed using focus groups of those who work in the industry to aid in practical movement in today’s busy surgeries.
That is why unlike most uniforms our garments have action backs to aid in lateral movement. We also incorporate the small details that are often overlooked, such as pockets in all our garments. It’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference.